Get my name right!!


It’s funny isn’t it? The amount of people of colour there are in the world, (we are the majority) and our names are still supposedly “hard” to pronounce. I wouldn’t consider my name to necessarily originate from Africa, but surely 4 letters placed together should be pretty simple to pronounce for a person whose first language is English… surely? My name is Aida by the way… say it out loud first then I’ll correct you.

Now, there are usually two pronunciations

a) I-da

b) A-da

If you have read the url of my blog then you may have got it correct. The answer is a) I-da*

Over the years I have grown to explain the way my name is said by first pointing at my eye, and then saying the word “dah”. This then led to me writing my name as Eye-Dah so that people could say it right. I mean, I would prefer a person to know how to say my name over knowing how to spell it.

I used this spelling of my name on a few different social media sites, variations include “Starry Eyed’Ah” and Eyedah Cam (one of my previous YouTube pages). The one that has stuck with me the longest is the one I am still using now, isΒ “Eye DahFine Me“. I remember the day I came up with it. I was 9 months post BC (big chop) and I decided that I wanted to make a YouTube Channel that mainly focused on my hair journey. I didn’t want it to just be about hair so I refused to name it anything hair related… and that’s when it came to me. I wanted to define myself, and not be put in this “natural hair blogger” box. I define me. Hmmm… My name is Aida, and the pronunciation of the first for syllables of “I define me” sound a lot like me name… Hmmm… How about I keep the phrase the same, just change the spelling so it relates more to me… EUREKA!! I’ve got it, Eye DahFine Me!! YASSS!!

And so it begun, April 15th 2013 I started posting YouTube videos that focused on my hair journey. And then as I started to build more of a fan base I decided that I would start talking about my opinions on certain things that I was either passionate about or was strongly against. Here are a few examples…

Anyway back to the actual point. Welcome to my blog! Since I started my YouTube Channel each year I have opened a new form of social media that links with it. So in April 2014 I started my Instagram account @Eyedahfineme and this year I decided to start this blog.

The point of the blog is for me to write things that I wouldn’t usually make a video for, and to also go into more depth to my videos. See when you are making a point on a video you tend to miss certain points and not go as deep as you could do.

So yes. Once again, welcome to my blog and I hope you can relate to my posts and hopefully think about things a bit differently πŸ™‚

*there are a few other variations depending on accents,Β like when my grandfather says it in Arabic it is pronounce Ah-ee-dah

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