Why Curlvolution Let Me Down

Hey Guys!! For those of you who have seen my instagram post, this isn’t going to be new for you. But for those who haven’t, let me explain why Curlvolution let me down.

Now, I went to the hair event with the mindset that I was going to see a few stalls, probably hear people talk about their hair journeys and just meet up with blogger friends. And yes, that did happen. But I was pleasantly surprised by the seminars that were going on, especially Laila (Fusion of Cultures) and Pelumi’s (Care for your Hair) talk on blogging. I was even more pleased when they gave out ORS goodie bags at the end.


Discussions held by the panel was also very interesting. The panel consisted of Connie Jackson from Fashion Fair,Β  Kluermoi a Pro MUA & Beauty Blogger, Bianca Miller from the Apprentice, Felicia Leatherwood a Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist and Janelle Stewart a Natural Hair Blogger. They spoke on a number of different topics, some included, black businesses, brain washing of black people and inequality in the beauty & fashion market.


Needless to say it was just a very positive day.

As we headed out they were giving everyone goodie bags *WINNING* It was at this moment that the positivity and good vibes that the event gave me came to an end. This was the main product in the goodie bag…


Now if you want to go and straighten your hair, by all means go and do it. I have nothing against free will. But my problem lies in the fact that Curlvolution claims to be the “UK’s largest annual natural hair and beauty show“. Everything around the event was promoting being proud of who you are and embracing yourself, but yet their last message was effectively, “Yeah you can love your hair, but you’ll love it even more for up to 6 weeks when it’s straight and manageable.” -_- Like what the ..??? What angered me the most, was that there was so many women in there that had recently big chopped or weren’t completely comfortable in themselves, who could easily fall back into the relaxing route just by using this product. Yes, I see it as a gate way drug.

“Texture Manageability”

Just those words alone boils my blood. As if to say curly, kinky and coily hair textures are unmanageable. I know people who have tried it themselves, and some may think I am taking this too far, but it has to be said. I haven’t even looked into the chemicals used, it’s the packaging that annoys me.

“This System’s Inner-Active Conditioning links with your hair’s own natural proteins to improve manageability giving you unparalleled touchable softness and movement, with long lasting detangling.”

Just look at this paragraph. What words stand out to you? I’ll tell you what stands out to me, “improve manageability”, “touchable softness” and “long lasting detangling”. What these words tell me is that my hair is unmanageable, dry and also this product with loosen my curls, because that is the only way it will have long lasting detangling.

Do you think I am reading into this too much?

Have you used this product yourself? If so how was it for you?

If not, do you ever plan on using it?

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