Big Chop #2!


“OMG No! You Had Such Nice Hair!”

Yes, yes I did, but my hair isn’t all I’ve got. I feel as though others were more attached to my hair than I was. Which is understandable, I did build my social media platforms around my hair. But at the same time I want to be known for more than just my hair. I guess this is a statement of just that.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 22.42.30

The only people who weren’t shocked were my family. Probably because I have cut my hair before, and I constantly change it. Although my 13-year-old brother wasn’t all too impressed, mainly because he has a high top and we look waaay too alike right now. Like him, many people told me that if they had hair like mine they would keep it. And yes, quite a few have asked to have the hair I cut (mainly as a joke… I hope).

The nicest reactions I received was from the students I work with. One told me I reminded her of the models on Americas Next Top Model. Another said that he loved my afro, and he loves my hair now, he found it weird that I could suite so many different styles. I’ve also had some funny reactions and some really over the top reactions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 14.41.59

It’s Just Hair. It’ll Grow Back

It’s funny how people get so protective over a females hair, especially men. First it was that annoying idea that a woman should have long straight hair, no matter what race. Luckily for me, I am surrounded by a lot of people who had grown out of that. But I did start to feel as though if you don’t have long straight hair then you better have big, long voluptuous curly hair. There is always going to be an expectation. I like to live against expectations. Especially working at a college where there are very few black girls. Thankfully I have managed to encourage them to embrace their hair more and show it off to the world. But at the same time some of them are fixated on length. I hope that my chop lets them know that as long as you are confident in yourself, you could be bald and still beautiful.

A question I have been asked a few times is what my boyfriend thinks about it. I have asked him what he thinks about it and he says he likes it. He originally thought I was going to cut it all off at one level, which he wasn’t too happy about. This put me off doing it for a while. But when I showed him the images of the style I was going for he was rather relieved lol. He especially likes the fact that my hair no longer goes in his face when we lie down.

The cut has made me realise the extent of which human beings are scared to step out of our comfort zones, for some it can be to the point that when they see another person who has made a big change, they either question why on earth they  would even think about doing it, admire the fact that they took the leap and did it, or just pretend they didn’t see it at all.

Am I brave? No. I just have different things in life that I am scared to try. Hair isn’t one of them.

How I’m Dealing With It… Or Trying To

I can’t lie though, it has been a week since the big chop and I’m finding it quite hard to get used to my short curls. I have washed my hair at least 8 times since cutting it, just to refresh my wash and goes. Having tried using the EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel on one wash and go and Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La on another,  I have realised that the curl enhancer gives my curls a more natural look and allows me to refresh them with a few sprays of water, whereas the gel doesn’t allow for much movement. Once the curls are set, they are set and the only way to liven them up again is by washing them out and starting from scratch.

Snapchat--1563583446277887494As I always say, if your mind is telling you to get it, it means it will suite you. That’s how I judge whether or not I should get a certain hairstyle, piercing or dress. If it comes into my mind at random times in a period of a couple of months then I know that it is right for me. I haven’t got any plans in terms of what I am going to do with my hair now. Apart from enjoy the journey. I may let it grow and not visit the barber again or I may keep getting it retouched. I may even cut it all at one level and let it grow from there. Only time will tell.

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