Why I prefer being Unemployed

As some of you may know, I work in a school. A rather new school at that.  It wasn’t like I have always wanted to work in a school, in fact I don’t. I remember back in February of my final year at university. I was sitting there thinking that I need some kind of experience before I graduate. I had worked for two weeks at Wimbledon the summer before as security/steward (lol). I had also done a couple of freelance running jobs in the post production section of Channel 4. That was more of what I wanted to do. Not being a runner, but being a film editor. I love to edit, and I love to film so I was in love with the idea of working at Channel 4 (notice how I didn’t say I was in love with working there). But because it was freelance, I barely worked. So I decided to check out what my old media teacher was doing. I found out he was working as a Vice Principle at a Media College, so I contacted him regarding a bit of work experience at his school.

True to his nature, he didn’t reply until about 3 months later. He messaged me saying that there was a job offering at the school if I was interested. And of course I was. I visited the school on a bright summers day and it just reminded me of Los Angeles. The way the building looked and it’s location just amazed me (my views have changed drastically since then).

Anyways, I wasn’t completely sure whether I would get the job there so I spent my free time back home figuring out what I could do to make money. That was the best time of my life. Having no source of income made me actually sit down and think about what I am good at doing. I have never been so creative in my life. I wrote down a whole list of things I could do; faux locs, canerows, yarn braids, editing, filming etc etc. I had the mentality of a hustler. I had so many means of making money listed down.

Once I got the job my mind set changed. I waited for the end of the month to get my money, and I was content. It wasn’t until exam period at the school where I really started to reevaluate my life. I was made to sit and invigilate numerous exams. It was the worst month ever! Sitting there, in silence for hours on end, with the worst year 11s group I have ever met (well they weren’t too bad). I sat there hating where I had ended up. This wasn’t my life calling. I was not created to work for someone else, doing something I hated. And that’s when I decided that I was going to quit my job and get back to that hustler mentality. I wanted to leave at the end of that academic year, but that wasn’t smart. I didn’t have enough money to live off of. So I made a promise to my self that I would spend the next year saving almost half of my monthly wages and getting my skills up to scratch, so that I was all set for July 21st 2016.

I have been counting down ever since. I have spent my money on things that will, and already have, been making me money. I have started up Mother N Diaspora, an African Inspired art collection that focuses on Africa and all of her children. I am still trying to figure out how to get my pieces printed nicely enough to sell on t-shirts, phone cases, canvases etc.

lauryn hill WEB copy

 jonelle monae WEB copy Malcolm printing LATEST

I will be my own boss.

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