Losing Someone Important

Say you’ve known someone your whole life. They’ve met all of your family members and been at every single birthday get together you have ever had.

They know all of your secrets and all of your fears. Yet you don’t know much about them.

Yes, you have known each other for as long as you can remember, you don’t remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with them. When was the last time you spent time alone with them and actually enjoyed it?

Maybe you are growing apart. Maybe it’s time to come to terms with the fact that you no longer know who they are. You have spent too much time focusing on university, work and romantic relationships that you have forgotten to be there for them.

They are going through a hard time and they need you to listen. They need you to stop focusing on other aspects of life and listen to them. The are too ashamed to ask for your help, they don’t want to come off as selfish or needy. So they keep quiet. They let you keep yourself busy and distracted while they slowly start to disappear. Fade away until one day, when you need them most, they have gone, long forgotten.

That is when you realise that you didn’t make enough time for them. You didn’t listen to them when they cried out for help. You didn’t hear them. You didn’t hear you. You didn’t listen to your inner voice and now you have lost who you are.

Take time out for yourself. Get to know yourself again. Fall in love with who you are. Treat yourself and be happy. You can’t expect anyone else to.

I am slowly coming to terms with the idea of loving me. Not waiting for anyone to buy me flowers, but buying them myself. Doing things that I want to do without asking for other peoples approval. At the end of the day the only person that I am certain will be around in my life is me, so why not treat myself? Why not spend time getting to know myself? Try it. Take yourself out for dinner. Go to the movies alone. Get comfortable with your own company.


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